BORGATO is the official distributor of CASTELATTO. Leader in the segment of architectural concrete floors and coatings, CASTELATTO offers the most versatile and innovative solutions for all environments and styles. Always attentive to the design trends, its products promote a unique look to the spaces and allows the customization of the environments with different uses of pagings, also with interactive elements.

CASTELATTO has as premises ethics, professionalism, commitment to the customer and respect for the environment, the concept that associated with innovation, sustainable industrial processes, and technology investments, recognize the brand as Top of Mind of the sector in Brazil.

Since August 2014, in partnership with Grupo Areia, CASTELATTO has expanded its presence in Latin America and the United States.

In 2015, the year begins as the winner of one of the worlds top design awards, the iF Design Awards for creating the Origami Line.


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